Dear Fellow Texan –

Lone Star Success is devoted to telling the Texas story of success. The story of real people, as they live, work, and thrive in our great state. They moved here or stayed here because our state and its conservative economic policies offer the best chance to seize opportunities for them and their families.

Why is Texas so different? Because about 20 years ago, conservative leaders set in motion policies and strategies to provide the best chance for every Texan. Their mission was simple: keep taxes low, keep government small, reward innovation and investment with certainty in regulation, reduce frivolous lawsuits, establish a state rainy day fund for unexpected needs, improve educational opportunities for all Texans, invest in the state’s infrastructure needs, and provide a welcome mat for diverse businesses to expand our Texas economy.  In addition, Texas has created a national model for funding objective, peer-reviewed science to deal with the Endangered Species Act and thereby assure protection of both the species and the economy.  Texans are proud of their state and want to leave it better for their children.

Welcome to Texas

Today, as a result, Texas has a diversified economy, strong business climate, and people are voting with their feet. They are moving from high tax, high regulation, low opportunity states – and making Texas their new home. More Fortune 500 companies are located in Texas than nearly any other state because these companies know they can provide better opportunity for people to work, and achieve their dreams in our great state.

Our education system is accessible and cost effective. Our housing is plentiful and affordable. And the total cost of living in Texas is among the lowest of any state in the country.

The pioneering spirit is alive and well in Texas. But there’s no guarantee the Lone Star Success story is here to stay. That’s why every election from the local level on up to the state level is critical. To build on our success, we need to keep fiscally conservative lawmakers in office. Educate yourself on the facts, and then make your vote count towards continuing the Lone Star Success story.

We’re also going to introduce you to Texans who have a great story to tell – and will let you know firsthand why they’re so proud to be here.

Stay tuned.


Susan Combs

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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