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Rex’s Texas Story

August 28th, 2014

I’m Rex, a proud 5th generation Texan, business owner, father and husband.

I run my family’s 148 year-old business and have to say having a business in Houston has been great for us and running a business in Texas has been great for us, too. Here’s why.

I spent some time in New England attending college, and I returned to Texas because the cost of living is low and there are many, many more opportunities to redefine and reboot your family business to make it your own. I want my business to keep up with and be reflective of current market trends. One can do one’s own thing in Texas, and I had the freedom to blaze a trail that was right for me and for the business I wanted to remake. That’s really important to me.


You see, I have family living in California and Massachusetts, so I have seen their quality of life and I have seen first-hand how other states treat their citizens and their businesses. If I lived in either of these places, I would not be able to have the successes I do in Texas. It’s really that simple. There’s not as much freedom in either state and the government is involved in everything you do. If the regulations don’t kill you, the taxes will!

Basically, Texas offers a better standard of living for my family, fewer regulations for my business and better job opportunities for my son. He’s a junior in high school, but I know he wants to stay close to family and I also know he can find a job in Texas, once he graduates from college. That’s another reason our state is so great.

My favorite reasons for living in the Lone Star State: it’s safe, I have financial stability and the people are great.

The conservative economic policies and the conservative leadership that has led our state for decades need to continue. It’s important not only for me, but for my son and his future. We all thrive in Texas and the Lone Star spirit is alive in each of us. Let’s keep it that way for all our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

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