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It’s Not Rocket Science

September 18th, 2014

by Susan Combs

I got an email from a young lady just last week who is starting her senior year in high school. I have known since her birth – and she lives in Colorado. She has great parents, but they cannot persuade her not to move to Texas. And she wants to be an Aggie!  (I put in an exclamation since I went to UT…but I figure there are lots of Aggies who might take issue with that punctuation.)

So why? She visited the school and loved the feeling on the campus. The incredible feeling of welcome. Howdy! Don’t know if she heard Whoop! many times, but she soaked it all up and told me in her letter she felt she should have been born a Texan. Not sure what her dad might say about that, but I’m not going to ask.

So, she is going to make a deliberate choice, like so many others, to move to Texas because she sees a future full of opportunity in the Lone Star State. Her determination to actively choose to take control of her life and her future is also what makes Texans so great. We have gumption and grit in plenty.

You see, choices and decisions matter. Our state’s job climate, housing affordability, business friendliness…none of these appeared by accident. Texans made the decision to elect leaders and endorse statewide policies and legislation over the past two decades that made it all possible. Policymakers looked at the potential outcomes resulting from different approaches to achieve statewide success – and Texans chose the better routes to achieve our goals.

Other states and their leadership have taken different paths with different results.  California and Illinois? Different decisions with vastly differing outcomes. And I am thankful I do not live in either of these states.

We released a video today that I hope you will watch. It is a simple way to look at the jobs landing in Texas versus California since the beginning of the last recession. Texas has jobs “flying in” from everywhere and bringing with them, economic success. California has just one. The image for California is a very creaky old biplane, circling the “planet California.” For Texas? Rockets buzz in to the state from everywhere. Take a look:

It really isn’t rocket science to say that public policies matter.

So what can you do about it? I suggest you ask yourself a few questions since the fall elections are around the corner – and as a citizen of this state, you have a real say in the outcome.

Ask yourself, what are the three most important things to you, your future, and the future of this great state? And then take a look at all of the candidates running for leadership positions and ask if they are talking about those same issues. Have they demonstrated leadership to help achieve present success and ensure future opportunity?  Have they made the decisions and choices to guarantee that Texas remains the greatest state in the country for generations?  And then take action – and by that I mean VOTE!  If we don’t vote, we basically have no voice.

We, in Texas, and the rest of this country are very lucky that we can vote – on lots of things. Debt, school district management, city and county government, and of course statewide issues that affect each and every one of us.

Texas does in fact lead the nation in economic vitality, which means positive things for all of our families – a path to success and a bright future. So think about our Texas children having such a bright future they have to wear shades…and let’s get to some thinking about how we want to continue the Lone Star Success.

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Susan Combs
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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