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Ron’s Texas Story

August 12th, 2014

I am not a native Texan, but I moved here as fast as I could. It took me 20 years, but I finally made it back to the Lone Star State!

My name is Ron and I was born and raised in Georgia. I joined the Army at a young age and one of my first assignments was at Fort Hood, Texas in 1978. I really liked the people – so friendly and nice – and decided at that time I would move back to Texas one day.

Ron Taylor

Like many service members, my time in the military took me all over the United States and to the other side of the world and back – Germany, Korea, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida. I got to experience a wide variety of communities and cultures, but I always kept the friendly people of Texas in my heart.

That’s why after I retired from the military in 1999, after 22 years of service to our country, I finally made my way back to Texas, which was my plan all along. But by this time, the friendly people weren’t the only reasons I had for wanting to live in Texas. This time it was because of the state’s strong economy, great jobs, and a good and safe community for my wife and two daughters (and now my four grandchildren!). If there is blueprint for how other states should conduct business and treat their citizens, Texas is it! No state income tax, excellent medical care nearby, and so many opportunities for my family and me.

And perhaps the best opportunity is the amazing cost of living. When we moved back to central Texas from Kentucky, we bought twice the amount of house in Texas that we had had in Kentucky. That was wonderful. Years later, my 25 year old daughter was thrilled to realize she could actually buy her own home! At 25! I don’t know really any other place where she could do that, and live well, and be among so many friends. As a father that means everything to me.

That’s what makes this state so great – anything is possible. You can get a job, buy a house, raise a family – it’s all within your reach.

I love calling Texas home – not only because the economy is great and the people are friendly, but because it allows my family and me so much freedom to live a better life. That’s the American Dream, and Texas is the place where that dream became reality for me. I support the conservative leadership of this state and hope our future leaders continue keeping Texas strong and safe.

– Ron

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